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Simon Fullmetal
Older simon
Name Simon Fullmetal
Kanji サイモン鋼の錬金術
Rōmaji Saimon hagane no renkinjutsu
Race Human
Birthday 10th November
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 167cm
Weight 65kg
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Sharkfin Guild

Wizard Saint

Occupation Mage
Team Team Storm
Partner Daiman Fullmetal
Base of Operations SharkFin Hall
Personal Status
Status Single
Marital Status Alive
Relatives Daiman Fullmetal (Older Brother)

Samuel Fullmetal (Deceased Father)

Alias Flaming Devil
Magic Fire-Make Magic
Weapons Small Dagger

Simon Fullmetal is a trusted and respected member of the notorious SharkFin in Fiore,he hails from the Villa Di Fullmetal.


Simon Fullmetal is tall, slim, fair-skinned,muscular teenager,he is mostly always is shirtless, with a pair nazy blue cargo shorts and a orange hat with a two blue sad faces on top of the brims he had gotten it from his father before his father fated day, and a priceless red necklaces that he had gotten from his mother's side. He usually carries aroung a small dagger aroung his orange belt.







Magic and AbilitiesEdit